With Toys “R” Us Gone, now where do we buy toys?

With Toys “R” Us Gone, now where do we buy toys?

With the holiday shopping season here and in full swing, it has some Phoenix families scratching their heads on where they will shop for toys. Since June 2018, all Toys “R” Us locations closed their doors indefinitely following the company filing for bankruptcy.


Since the 1950s, Toy “R” Us was the go-to toy store, especially during the holiday season. Over the last few years, online sales have soared and there have been many more options with competitive pricing to give shoppers more choices than ever before.


However, many children and adults alike still want to see the toys in person. Without a dedicated toy store, where will you buy toys this holiday season if online shopping is not your style? In the Phoenix valley there are more options for toy shopping this holiday season than you might think.

Toys “R” Us is back!

Wait a minute. What?
Believe it or not, just months after the close of the company, Toys “R” Us has announced it will launch 600 pop-up shops around the country! A group of investors came together to get things back in action. Now called Geoffrey’s Toy Box, these new shops will be found in Kroger stores all across the country.

Toys “R” Us fans in the valley rejoice! There are plans for locations all over the Phoenix. While these shops will obviously be smaller than the stores before, they can definitely serve your toy shopping needs this Christmas season.

Kidstop Toys and Books

From stuffed animals to educational toys and everything in between, Kidstop Toys and Books is a must stop on your toy shopping list. Located near Scottsdale Rd and Shea Blvd, in Scottsdale, Kidstop has a great selection. There are toys for traveling, toys for building architectural masterpieces, games, puzzles and so much more.

There’s even a great selection for nursery items, room decorations, furniture and clothing. Kidstop also offers an online gift registry, gift wrapping and shipping as well. Kidstop is must stop when you are shopping for kids.

Address: 6990 E Shea Blvd #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone: 480-609-9012

Toy Anxiety

Particularly for the action figure enthusiast on your list, Toy Anxiety will give any fan anxiety of excitement when you walk through the door. From Star Wars collectibles to any of the Marvel super heroes, there’s an action figure for just about anyone.

Address: 13825 N 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ. 85302

Phone: 602-308-0292

Collectors Marketplace

Another spot to grab action figures and collectibles is Collectors Marketplace. Filled to the brim with amazing memorabilia, this store is not one to pass up. They showcase vintage and modern toys, comics, video games, anime and so much more. Additionally, they hold exclusive events for customers and even rental opportunities.

Address: 1945 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ.
Phone: 480-442-1117

Big Box Stores

If nothing else, there’s always the typical big box stores. Likely to expand their toy departments this year, do not miss out on the toy section of stores like Walmart, Kohl’s, Barnes and Noble, Target and JCPenney. They are sure to take advantage of the size reduction of Toys “R” Us and amp up the toy department in their stores.

Party City is another store expected to join in the pop-up toy shop trend. These will be called “Toy City” and will offer a toy selection during the holidays in select stores.

There’s always the internet

Online retailers definitely make big bucks during the holidays. Over the years they have been able to drive down the price of hot seasonal toys and drive some companies out of business. If you can pass up on the ‘hands on’ experience of buying toys in person, then online will be the place for you. The king here of course is Amazon, but don’t be shy about checking out the competition. For example, Toy Wiz, Fish Pond and Fat Brain Toys all have an online selection of toys as well that might give Amazon a run for their money.

Final Thoughts

As sad as it was to see Toys “R” Us close down, it is exciting that there will at least be some pop-up shops around the valley. It is also the perfect time to start venturing out to the local shops and support local businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area. Stores in general will always make money selling toys during the holiday season, so there will be no shortage of shopping in person.

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