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It is located in the south eastern part of Arizona. It is considered as the ‘Urban Village’ of Phoenix, having an area of 35.8 square miles. Its population is approximately 77,249.  The projected change in the population is 16.91% by 2019.

The territory has both public and private school systems. Kyrene Elementary School and Temp Union High School are the major institutions in the region that provide quality education. These systems of schools are well managed and controlled by the District administration. Total home owners in the village are approximately 15,293 and renters are up to 4512. Total housing units in the area crossing 20,000, among them 20% are vacant or seasonal. Total families in the area are approximately 14,000. Besides English, different languages like Spanish, German, and Navajo are spoken in the region. Christianity is the religion of the majority inhabitants.

Temperature in the region is mild. The average weather is seemed to be observed as winters are not very cold and summers are not very hot. Average rainfall is 150 mm per year, which is very low. Hailing and snowfall rarely occur in Ahwatukee.

The economical overview indicates that Per Capita Income in Ahwatukee is $40,272 that showed the well being of the people whereas, average income is $106,835. The area has a great charm for tourists due to its location. The major contributors to its economy are the tourists. People traveling from near and far for hiking, cycling, playing baseball and soccer contributes in the economy of the village. The wealth of Ahwatukee is based on services and agriculture industry. Lettuce, barley, wheat and potatoes are the major crops of the area.

The transportation system is still a work in progress and is continuing to improve. The freeway not only improves the system but also lessens the burden of the tax payers. Hospitals, Schools, community centers and other social institutions are controlled and regulated by the community members. Sales tax is high due to the tourism industry but efforts are made to facilitate the people in this regard.

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