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How Emergency Cash Advance Works

As one of Arizona’s quick cash financing providers, we specialize in lending the emergency money you need through quick cash loans. Quick cash loans are a form of lending that is a short term solution and can help you cover unexpected expenses that you were otherwise unprepared for. There are times in your life when an unexpected need for emergency cash can happen - and you may be totally unprepared for it in a financial sense. In situations like this, taking out a short term loan from a quick cash lender is one of the best solutions an individual has available. This will allow you to cover your unexpected expenses immediately and pay off the borrowed cash amount over time at affordable monthly payments. Whether you need quick cash to cover immediate bills, have an unexpected medical expense, monthly car payment or need money to pay rent - we can help you get emergency cash quickly. With our quick and easy application process you can get approved for a cash loan instantly. Because we understand that your time is valuable and you are in need of fast cash, our loan application process is straight forward, super-fast and has no hidden fees. Our customer service representatives take their time to explain all the facets of taking out a cash loan and help you through the requirements of our quick money lending process, so you feel protected and secure while borrowing money from us. Scroll down to learn how to apply for an emergency cash loan today!

Quick Cash Loans Assistance in 30 min*

Less than perfect credit

One of the features that are great about quick cash loans is the fact that you can qualify for a loan even if your credit is less than perfect.

No Pre-payment Penalties

While you might need the full term to pay the full amount of your loan, you are also free to pay off your emergency money as soon as you can afford to. There are absolutely no prepayment penalties for paying off your emergency quick cash loan amount early. In fact we encourage you to pay off the money you have borrowed as soon as you can.

Fast Approval

You will be pleasantly surprised by our fast and painless loan approval process. We understand that you are in an emergency situation and need to get money in your hand as soon as you possibly can to cover those unexpected expenses. Our customer service professionals are constantly striving to shorten loan approval times to a minimum. You can fill out an application online quickly and even qualify for the same day emergency cash loan.

Emergency Cash Requirements

  • Clear Arizona Title in your name
  • Current Arizona Registration
  • Proof of Residence (this can be a utility bill, lease, etc)
  • Proof of Income (pay stub, bank statement, etc)
  • Your Vehicle must be present
  • Valid ID
  • 18 Years or older

2 ways to get a Quick Cash

  • Car Title Loan

    We know there are many companies to choose from in Phoenix. We would like to thank you for researching 1 Stop Title Loans and we hope to be your Phoenix Title Loan Company. Please see how to get an a quick emergency loan on a Car Title Loan page.

  • Vehicle Registration Loan

    If you are still making payments for your vehicle, the get your emergency money applying on our Vehicle Registration Loan!

Quick Cash Loan To Pay your Emergency Expenses

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Arizona Quick Cash Loans Disclosures

  • Short Term APR

    The Annual Percentage Rate will be based on the amount of the loan. As per Arizona 1Stop Titles Loans will not exceed that allowable APR, the allowable range is from 120%-204% APR (or 10%-17% Monthly Percentage Rate.)
  • Non-Payment Implications

    Non-payment implications: 1Stop enters contractual short term loan agreements with their customers. Financial implications: A late fee of 5% or $10.00 (whichever is less) is assessed to loans that are past due ten (10) days. Collection Practices: it is 1Stop Title Loans objective to provide a loan that works within your financial needs. If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to make you payment, 1Stop will work with you to get back in good standings. We also work within the guidelines of the FDCPA. Potential Credit Score Impact: 1Stop Title Loans does not currently report non-payment to the three credit agencies. However, if we are not able to get the loan repaid, and we file a suite in civil court and a judgment is obtained, this will become part of your credit history. Renewal Policy Information: Short term loans are automatically renewed if not paid in full on the loan due date. transaction fee may be accessed
  • Loan Payment

    1Stop Title Loans offer short term loans design specifically to help consumers pay their loan off at their own pace. 1Stop always suggest paying even the slightest amount toward principle to help lower your loan amount. At any time you can pay-off your entire loan with no pre-payment penalties.
  • Additional

    Title Loans and Personal Registration Loans are only intended to meet short-term financial needs. When compared to long-term interest rates which may be available to you by other lenders, these extremely high rates should caution you to not borrow for longer than what is absolutely necessary, and do not borrow more than you can afford to repay on your due day.