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1Stop Title Loans on 4385 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ

4385 W. Bell Road
, Glendale, Arizona 85308
United States (US)
Phone: 602-942-6600

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  • Registration Loans
  • Check Cashing
  • Loan REFI
  • 3rd Party MVD

Title Loans Near You - Glendale

1 Stop Title Loans review
5 days ago
This place is the best if you want to get a loan. I was in the military 23 and I they never treated me like 1stop. Top notch service. Customer service 11 out of 10. Both Erin and Austin where both respectful and did a perfect job. Thanks to there teamwork I was good to go.
1 Stop Title Loans review
5 months ago
Rachel went above and beyond helping me today. She's the greatest! There was another girl that was working there the day I was there and she was just as great as Rachel. I overheard her talking with a customer and he was so appreciative of her caring spirit and professionalism. Yep, I heard him say that! I read most all of the reviews and have to say, I don't know how people are writing bad reviews about 1 Stop Title Loans. Some people just can't be happy no matter what you do to help them. You are there because you need some cash and they are there to help you through the process and all you can do is say negative things about the company. This is the first time I have done business with them and I would definitely go back to them, if I needed help again. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. I read some of your negative reviews but it didn't stop me from doing business with them. They were really great!
1 Stop Title Loans review
2 days ago
I must say I give so much thanks and credit to Dale amd Rachel for making my experience amazing...stress free..and fun...with great customer service and alot of respect!!! I found the 1stop Title Loans on Google. I called and from the initial contact by phone they were both amazing!!! I called other loan places yet did not feel the concern or customer service during my stressful decision to take out a loan on my vehicle!!! The anxiety behind that was eased by Dale and Rachel the moment I spoke with them on the phone. I hung up with them and decided no...no loan for me I will figure out something else!!! I then decided to call back and ask the process and details again and did pre approval by phone. I went in the location still stressed and overwhelmed by anxiety and these two ladies assured me everything would be alright!!! They greeted my daughter and two little ones I nanny for with much respect and courtesy!!! They were patient and nice. I left there happy and I received more than I expected in my emergency situation!!! I recommend 1 Stop on 43rd ave and Bell Rd.to everyone!!! Ask for Dale and Rachel they are Super amazing ladies!!! Thank you Dale and Rachel and 1 Stop for everything!!!
1 Stop Title Loans review
6 months ago
Rachel was very helpful. She got me in and out in a timely manner and was always on point with answering all of my questions. When I walked in she welcomed me with a smile and and made the registration loan renewal process super easy. This location is 20 minutes from my house but from now on I will be coming here. Very good customer service!!!!!!
1 Stop Title Loans review
1 month ago
Did a registration loan was supposed to be put on the acct since I would be handling all the transactions(for my dad) was a hassle every time I called I had to have them talk to my dad so he could ok our convo. When we were there it was about 15 minutes before closing so everything was rushed and pushed through for our $1K loan she said I could pay it back in 6 mo this but I noticed the contract said 12 mo. She said she didn’t have the paperwork for that and that I could pay it off still in 6 mo. When I checked a couple months later was told I’d have to pay all the interest for a 12 mo loan if I wanted to pay it off all at once also I was late on one payment one time it was a partial payment. I paid The balance and the next payment at once (on time)to catch up and be on pace and I just paid my last payment of $171 and they charged me another $79(late fees)without even telling me and overdrafted my acct.I paid over $2K for a thousand bucks. Do yourself a favor and shop around.