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Directions to Title Loan Store on 5036 W. Cactus Rd.Phoenix, AZ

ATTENTION: Saturday is appointment only!


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1Stop Title Loans – on 5036 W. Cactus Rd. Phoenix, AZ

5036 W. Cactus Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85304
United States (US)
Phone: (602) 264-2400

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Title Loans Near You - Phoenix

1 Stop Title Loans review
4 weeks ago
The road test service there is a joke. They want money and nothing else. $87 for one attempt? $25 for another try. Something isn't right. Make sure that you use a really small clown car vehicle cause they want you to fail and look stupid while you do it! The 3 point turn cone set up is rigged.
1 Stop Title Loans review
5 months ago
Steven at 1 stop was awesome. I had to take a drivers test to get my liscense back and he was calm, and easy to drive with. It was worth the money. I was in, done and out in just an hour. Plus I passed. Thank you Steven 🤗
1 Stop Title Loans review
4 months ago
My experience today trying to obtain a registration loan was one I hope to never experience again. I was pretty much called a liar straight to my face before being turned away. After leaving I went to a different establishment and was helped by someone who treated me as a human being and a valued customer and not as someone who is beneath them just because I am on the other side of the glass.
1 Stop Title Loans review
7 months ago
Worst Place Ever! These guys are supper rude. They have their own version of 3 point turn, and even the instructor doesn't provide the instructions. They will failed me without without giving reasons. No body listened to me in the office and they asked to get out of the office. I have NEVER seen a team of women like this. They are super rude. Please don't visit this place. Also, they charged me $72 for one chance. Where as MVD charges $25 for 3 chances.
1 Stop Title Loans review
4 months ago
So we were a little worried about going here because of the reviewes saying that they didn't explain what needed to be done for the 3 point turn road test. So I asked at the window and Jorge was very nice and professional and explained the directions and gave us the opportunity to go and practice, than come back in when ready. So we practiced for a bit and my son got his liscense! We were there less than 2 hours and came as a walk in on a Saturday. There were a couple customers in front of us but it surely was way less stressful than going to the MVD. The extra price was worth the less stress, shorter wait, no appointment, friendly staff, and going on a Saturday! Highly recommend doing all your permit and liscense testing here! I don't know that I'll ever go to the MVD again!