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No Credit Auto Title Loan in Mesa, AZ

MesaMesa is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is situated in the eastern part of Phoenix and is centralized in the East Valley of Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Arizona largest cities are Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa.

The history of the city starts at least 2,000 years ago with the settlement of the Hohokam people. They arrived to the area and constructed the original canal system. The canals were the most refined ones for that period. Some of them had width of 27 m and length of 26 km across the desert. By A.D. 1450, the Hohokam had built lots of canals, converting the Sonoran Desert into an agricultural area, and many of them are still in use today.

When the Hohokam disappeared, U.S. Army troops depressed the Apache and opened the way for a new settlement.

Groups of pioneers arrived to the area in 1870s-1880s for establishing new settlements. In 1878 Mesa City was registered as a town site. The first school was built the next year. The city was incorporated in 1883 and was first named as Mesa City in 1889.

Falcon Field AirportDr. A. J. Chandler, who would later establish the city of Chandler, worked on expanding the Mesa Canal in 1895 for further building a power plant. He also established the first office complex in Mesa, using the first evaporative cooling method in Arizona.

Falcon Field Airport and William Field Air Force Base were opened in 1940s for further military personnel trainings during World War II. After the war many families moved to settle in Mesa.
Air conditioning advent and tourism development resulted in population growth in Mesa and in the Phoenix area in 1940s. Residents of Mesa were cultivating cotton and citrus, until early aerospace companies grew their industry in 1950s and 1960s. The decade provided more business industry to Mesa, including high-technology companies. Hospitals and health care centers were established mainly in 1980s.

Mesa Historical MuseumOne may notice several historical buildings, still existing in Mesa. The Lehi School was built in 1913 and it is one of the oldest existing school buildings in Mesa nowadays. A formed elementary school is transformed into the Mesa Historical Museum. Arizona Museum of Natural History is worth being visited as well.

Mesa is home to many arts centers and museums both for adults and children. Golf lovers may find a large list of highly ranked golf courses.

Climate in Mesa is warm with little amount of precipitations. Average highest temperature rises up to 35C degrees and the lowest temperature figure shows about 17C degrees.

As per US Census data total number of population is about 453,000 with residents’ median age being 36. 84.5% of population is white people, 4.5% of which is Black or African American and 2.9% of which is American Indian and Alaska Native.

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