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No Credit Auto Title Loan in Florence, AZ

FlorenceThe town of Florence was established on the Gila River by Colonel Levi Ruggles in 1866. He arrived to the Arizona area as a US Indian Agent, and examining the area, he recognized rich agricultural potential of the territory. Having a great support from Governor R.C McCormick he established a post office and was holding a number of public offices. The Pinal County was founded in 1875 and Florence is the county seat. It is located 60 miles southwest to Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.

Florence was economically developing in agriculture area, until it became the county seat. The same year of 1875 silver was revealed in the territory and the famous Silver King Mine was created, which was considered the richest silver mine in Arizona.

Florence means of transportation are the best among communities of similar size, including Highway 287, Highway 79 and Hunt Highway.

Florence earlier territory was settled by the Athabascans. By that times the town was not founded yet and the United States was bordering with Mexico by the Gila River. In 1853, an American Ambassador to Mexico, James Gadsden, signed consent, according to which southwestern New Mexico was acquired by the United States. The purchase was called the Gadsden Purchase, which widened the territory of the US south of the Gila.

Pinal County Historical SocietyLater in 1870 Fred Adams created and established an agriculture community, which was located west of the Florence. Having a post office, a number of houses and agriculture fields, developing in the area, the community was set up and called Adamsville. In the 1900, The Gila River overflowed and most of Adamsville was demolished by water and the area inhabitants moved to Florence. A memorial about the town is built at the crossroad of Highway 79 and 287.

Pursuant to the United States Census Bureau, total area of Florence is about 8.3 square miles. Considering that Florence is situated in the Sonoran Desert, climate here is desert with hot summers and mild winters.

Florence is one of the most interesting and attractive metropolitan areas in Pinal County. The Pinal County Historical Society’s library keeps a rare collection of documents about the Pinal County and Florence. The city is rich with historic constructions, different parks and museums. A lot of amenities and festivals are organized in parks throughout the year. The town covers such services as Police, Fire, water and sewer as well as other services. There are also 3 state prisons, situated in the town.

Charles PostonCharles Poston was called the “Father of Arizona” and he was the first to represent the Arizona Territory to the Congress. A historical Monument, set in the form of a pyramid on the top of Poston Butte can be found north on State Route 79.

Since 1909, the main area of employment is corrections industry among Pinal, Pima and Maricopa County. Pinal County Historical Museum is one of the attractive places for visitors, exhibiting a number of prison artifacts.

In 1900s, prisoners from Yuma prison were removed to Florence for further construction of a new building, which was named the Arizona State Prison Complex and which became the base for establishing further correctional establishments in the community. The Complex is operating nowadays.

The town provides 24 hour medical emergency and pharmacy services.

According to US Census Bureau, total Florence population is 26,513 with 75.7% of male and 24.3% of female residents. The median age of the population is about 40 years old. Distinguishing by race, 81.7% of people are white 41.9% of which are Hispanic or Latino. 6.0% of the Florence population are Black or African American.

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