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 No Credit Auto Title Loan in Desert Hills, AZ

Desert HillsDesert Hills is a community with total area of 4.7 square miles, which does not have a formal municipal government, thus being considered as unincorporated. It is situated in Maricopa County, Arizona, and borders with Anthem and Cave Creek. The main part of Desert Hills is nestled in the north of Carefree Highway, Central Avenue, 14th Street and Dove Valley Road wrap the community from other sides.

Lee Ackerman Investment Company of Phoenix decided to develop the territory in mid 50s, which by that time was desert, having no water, no electricity, and was not inhabited at all. The company researched the area, chose some ten plot of land and established several blades through the desert. They started to promote the parcels with aggressive marketing, placing notable advertising in the Arizona Republic and soon Desert Hills parcels started to be sold. The area was mainly sold for further investments and not for being inhabited at earlier times. The investments had a rapid growth and some 60 years later a healthy community is found to be established.

Desert Hills climate is rather hot and dry, with very few precipitations during the year. Sunny days prevail throughout the year.

Desert Hills climateUnemployment rate in Desert Hills is about 7.60%, main areas of people being employed are sales, administrative works, construction, repair, healthcare, transportation and food serving. Such areas as education, science, art, entertainment and farming are not developed. The average income for a household is $35,346 and the median family income is $44,318. Male average income prevails female one being $21,690 versus $20,433.

According to US Census Bureau data, number of total population in Desert Hills is 2,508. Residents under 19 years old make only 19.1% of total population, people of middle age from 20-54 make 23.9% of total population, and main residents of the area are over 54 years old.

Racial breakdown shows 99% of one race, 78.5% of them being Hispano or Latino.

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