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No Credit Auto Title Loan in Avondale, AZ

Avondale LibraryAvondale is nestled along the Agua Fria River, which as 190km length in the US State of Arizona, and is located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It is situated in Maricopa County, southwest to Glendale and west to Phoenix, Arizona.

Avondale was founded by William “Billy” G. Moore in 1880, when he came to the area and settled down. The area was named “Coldwater” mainly for the water of the river. The Coldwater post-office was established by William Moore, which could only continue its activity 1901-1905, afterwards it moved to a place near Avondale ranch.

Avondale is known to be incorporated as a city in 1946.

Though the city was established in 1946, commercial and population rapid growth started since 1980. With the growth of population, farming community started its development by harvesting alfalfa and cotton fields, transforming the area into the main bedroom suburb of Phoenix.

Being developed with the time, nowadays Avondale is a modern city with rich business parks, different restaurants and shopping centres, which are built up close to Interstate 10.
The total area of the city is 41.3 square miles, 0.15% of the territory is water.

Barlett LakeEstrella Mountain regional Park is situated in Sonoran Desert near the inflow of the Gila and Agua Fria rivers. Bicycle and horseback riding are among the famous amenities in the park. Residents and visitors may also enjoy warm weather in Friendship Park.

A reservoir, constructed in 1936-39, named Bartlett Lake after Bill Bartlett, a government surveyor, is one of the popular destination of the area.

Avondale is also known with Phoenix International raceway, which is a motorsport track, organizing and hosting two NASCAR race weekends during the year.

As of US Census Bureau data of 2014, the population of Avondale makes about 79,700 people. Distinguishing by race 63.27 % of the residents are white people, and 46.23% of population is of Hispanic or Latino race.

Median age of the population is 29 years old, male residents prevailing female ones with 1.18% (50.59% and 49.41% accordingly). Residents under 19 years old make 37.32% of the population, whereas people of 85 years old and over make only 0.43%

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