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Bad Credit Title Loans in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee is an urban village, generally known to have a shape of a triangle, which is a part of the Phoenix City, Arizona. The village borders with South Mountain Park from the north, Interstate 10 from the east, and Gila River Indian Community from the west. The village is situated in the most southern part as compared with the other 15 urban villages of the city. Being sequestered, the village is geographically known to be one of the largest cul-de-sac in the world.
South Mountain Park is one of the largest parks of the US which is famous with chuckwalla inhabitants and which Phoenix takes a pride in.

According to the legend, Dr. and Mrs. W.V.B. Ames built a large and a beautiful house in 1921 on a land with 2000 acres territory, which was located in the southeast part of the South Mountain . The house and the area were named “Casa de Suenos”, which was translated from as “House of Dreams”. The most part of the land was cultivated with citrus, palms and flowers.
When in 1933 Dr. Ames and his wife passed away, the house and most part of the surrounding land was inherited by St. Luke’s Hospital.

crow nation indians ahwatukeeLater in 1935 the house was purchased by Helen Brinton, who changed the name of it to “Ahwatukee”, which had the same meaning in Crow Indian language.

After Helen Brinton’s death, Presley Development Company, which was known as one of the successful house-building companies, received an approval to develop the area and make considerable changes in the history of Ahwatukee-Foothills. In 1972 Randall Presley started his first project in Ahwatukee, as a result of which homeowners association was created.
As described in Martin Gibson’s book, Presley took a risk for developing such a remote land with no basic utilities, situated in the south side of South Mountain. At first the ranch house and the area were planned to be a tourist visiting center, however later, Presley decided to make the area attractive for living and growth.

Using already existing watering holes, Presley constructed a golf club course. During the period about 17 homes were built by the company on the territory. Being in the heart of a desert and hills, Ahwatukee-Foothills started its development in 1980s and the territory initially served as a testing territory for International Harvester, which was producing heavy devices such as trucks and was known as a huge manufacturer.
Martin Gibson's Ahwatukee foothills book cover

Martin Gibson in his book says that General Motors tested parts of tanks on the land during World War II.
The land was sold by the International Harvester end of 1980 and two communities were created – Foothills and Foothills Club West. Continuing the development, tennis courts, churches, schools, shopping centers were built up.
Such residential communities as hiking and biking are being actively developed and popular in Ahwatukee. Area hills attract many road cyclists and bikers. Having a nice view as well as admission to the South Mountain Park, Ahwatukee is a destination for walking and jogging communities.

Nowadays Ahwatukee is growing and developing fast. The area population was not counted by the US Census Bureau, however the area is known to have about 90,000 inhabitants.
The average age of the population is about 32. Median household size makes about 2.5 people with family households of 55.5%. People under 18 years age make 24.6% of the population. Being distinguished by race, over 80% of population are white people. The majority of the people living there speak English.

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