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1 Stop Title Loans served more than 900,000 customers and provided best possible solution for their car title loan needs.

1 Stop Title Loans review
3 days ago
Clarisa,Heather and V are very amazing they where so helpful and got me in and out!..thank you Ladies.
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1 Stop Title Loans review
2 weeks ago
This had to be the best experience. Fast easy service and they treat you well. If you need help in an emergency go to one stop in Chandler Az. Vee and Clarissa will help. You may come in stressed out but you will leave with a smile.:)
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1 Stop Title Loans review
2 weeks ago
Really fast service . Come here offten and always get a good service
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Get the cash, keep the car

We do not hold your car when you get a title loan from us.

Title Loans

Need cash in a hurry? 1 Stop Title Loans is your answer. Bad Credit? It does not matter, Get the Cash You Need Today in Just Minutes!

Arizona Locations

1 Stop Title Loans proudly serves Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, and Avondale Arizona with auto title loans and registration loans.

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Quickly apply online now for your Arizona title loan or Arizona registration loan with a no obligation quote.

Our customer service keeps our customers coming back

(623) 748-4105 We are happy to take your call

1 stop title loans offers title loans on almost anything on wheels all over the valley. Never pay the maximum rate on title loans, submit an online application to see how low your rate will be. Don`t own your car, no problem, apply for a registration loan.

Get approved over the phone! or have us answer your loan questions!

We have title loan & registration loan agents ready to take your call till 7pm and our online form available 24/7.

For the past 5 years, Car Title Loan trends have significantly increased. Arizona is in 2nd place conceding only 1 point to Mississippi. Among all other Arizona cities, Phoenix is a true and absolute leader.

Choose 1-Stop as Your Vehicle Title Loan Provider. Call or Apply Online.

No loan is too small or too big. Whether you need $50 bucks or $50,000 we can help.

All of our loans are cash loans. Why make two stops when you can make 1 Stop

A family operated local Arizona Title & Registration Loan business since 2003

1 Stop offers loans for customers that are still making payments on their cars.

Easy loan & payment terms to fit your title loan repayment needs.

1 Stop is an Easy & Fast way to get a cash loan. Stop by Today!

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When getting a title loan at 1 Stop, we will walk you through the process step by step. Before coming to one of our locations, we highly recommend you call and speak to one of our trained loan officers to write down what the requirements are in order to make the process go more smoothly. Once you have written down the requirements of what you will need to bring in and you have those documents, come in, fill out an application and bring your vehicle and requested documents and we will be working to get you approved for the dollar amount you requested.

After all the paperwork is approved, we will advise you of your loan amount and you can choose your payment schedule in easy installment loan payments. This will help you to pay off your loan in a reasonable amount of time. The process of getting a loan with 1 Stop is quick and easy and you should feel confident when calling our locations that your questions will be answered. We will work hard to get your loan approved and have you walking out with cash in hand in 30 minutes or less.


Getting a registration loan is simple. You will have to have a traditional and active checking account and proof of employment is a requirement. Your vehicle does not have to be paid off and you don’t have to have a clear title. We will need to know your length of employment along with your income amount in order to start working on an approval for you.

Registration loan maximum loan amounts are $2,500 and are paid back in installment payments not to exceed 24 months.

A registration loan is a great way to get the financial help you need when you do not have a free and clear title. Registration loans are becoming the new way to get quick cash because so many people do not own their cars and are making payments. No other loan product on the market can get you the cash you need in 30 minutes or less than a 1 Stop Title and Registration Loan.

See inside and take 360 Tour to one of our locations

1Stop 1625 N 51st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85035 or  Go to Location Page

Loan Payment

For those who do not own their car and are still making payments, 1 Stop offers Arizona Registration Loans. Registration Loans do not require a clear and free title, and as always you get to keep and drive your car! Get your cash loan today!

Make a Payment

Do you already have a title loan?

Let 1 Stop help you save! Before you next payment is due, Transfer / refinance your title loan with us to lower your monthly cost and you may even qualify for more cash!

Learn more about title loan refinancing

Still making payments on your car?

Pay at your local 1 Stop Title Loan locations. Pay by phone: Give us a call at 623-748-4105 Manage and pay your bill online! log in to your account.

Registration Loan Requirements

Getting Your Title Loan never been easier


Disclosures for Short-term Loans

  • Short Term APR

    The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be based on the amount of the loan and in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. In most cases the APR will be in the 120%-204% range and while it may lower, it will never be higher This equates to a Monthly Percentage Rate (MPR) of 10%-17%. Our loans are only intended to meet short-term financial needs and lower, long-term interest rates may be available to you. Customer notice: By submitting a car title loan application I acknowledge that 1 Stop Money Centers, LLC may not act as the direct lender but rather as a broker for the loan.
  • Non-payment implications

    Non-payment implications: 1Stop enters contractual short term loan agreements with their customers. Financial implications: A late fee of 5% or $10.00 (whichever is less) is assessed to loans that are past due ten (10) days. Collection Practices: it is 1Stop Title Loans objective to provide a loan that works within your financial needs. If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to make you payment, 1Stop will work with you to get back in good standings. We also work within the guidelines of the FDCPA. Potential Credit Score Impact: 1Stop Title Loans does not currently report non-payment to the three credit agencies. However, if we are not able to get the loan repaid, and we file a suit in civil court and a judgment is obtained, this will become part of your credit history. Renewal Policy Information: Short term loans are automatically renewed if not paid in full on the loan due date.
  • Loan Payment

    1 Stop Money Centers, LLC offers loans designed specifically to help consumers pay their loan off at their own pace. The payment schedule you choose allows you to pay off your loan within the time frame you have chosen while allowing you the flexibility to satisfy the loan at any time with no prepayment penalty. 1 Stop always recommends paying a larger amount than scheduled, no matter how little, whenever possible. Because any extra payment made will reduce the principal amount owed, you may save hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan.
  • Our State Accreditation

    We are accredited business in the state of Arizona, please visit Arizona Title Loan Association Members website to see us listed
  • Contact us

    1Stop Money Centers has 13 Locations all over Arizona. Our Main office located at 1501 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006, Phone: (602) 253-6002. Please visit our Location page for specific addresses and phones.
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Differences between Title and Registration Loans W

With so many loan products on the market you may be asking yourself which loan best fits your needs, a title loan or a registration loan. The biggest difference between these two loan products is that with an auto title loan you will need to show a clear vehicle title and with a registration loan, your vehicle does not need to be completely paid off, you just need to be making payments and be in good standing with your lender and have good registration at the time of the loan.

Also, registration loans have a maximum loan amount of $2,500 while auto title loans don’t necessarily have a maximum dollar amount attached to them. With a title loan having proof of income is not a requirement as it is with a registration loan, so although you may not have a job or proof of income because you are self-employed, chances are you can still walk out of one of our twelve valley locations with cash in hand in less than 30 minutes or less. With a Title Loan, terms can go up to 48 months because they can be larger dollar amounts than registration loans which have a maximum term length of 24 months. Basically if your car is paid off you will have to do an auto title loan and if you’re making payments you will have to apply for a registration loan. Both products interest rates are the same.

What is a Title Loan?

A 1 Stop Auto is the best way to tap in to your vehicles equity. At 1 Stop we set the bar high for the competition. At 1 Stop we don’t give you a check we give you CASH on the spot and that’s why we’re leaders in the industry. Simply bring in a clear vehicle title, proof of residency and income and you will be walking away with cash in hand!* At 1 Stop, we understand your financial burdens or emergency situations and are here to help you get ahead. We offer discounted rates to homeowners and do not require credit checks to approve your car title loan.

When you need immediate cash and want the best rates with the best customer service in the industry think 1Stop Title Loans, we’re eager to help you get the cash you need. Don’t forget to look up our reviews on Google to help you choose us, we have the highest rated reviews in the industry for a reason, we care. Payment options are interest only or installment loan, so you have the option to choose how long you need to keep your loan out. With 1 Stop proof of income is not always required*, but helpful when requiring higher than normal dollar amounts. You will be happy with a loan from 1 Stop .

What is a registration loan?

A registration loan is a great way to acquire a loan even if you’re still making payments on your car. There is no other loan product on the market quite like a 1 Stop Registration Loan. You don’t need to have a free and clear title, simply bring in your vehicle registration along with some other* banking requirements and walk away with cash. 1 Stop is one of a handful of companies in town that offer this loan service and our customers keep coming back. Our customers love the ease of application as well as the fact they receive cash in hand. In most cases you are in and out in less than 30 minutes.

You can call our internet department, or find us online, with any questions about registration loans and they will be happy to answer them for you and find the nearest location in Arizona to serve you. Your loan can be anywhere between 1 month to 24 months to pay off, you choose what works for you. A registration loan from 1 Stop has helped many people who’s vehicle is not paid off and their credit isn’t great but have a good history of employment and are in good standing with their traditional checking account. When you're in a bind call 1 Stop and get the service you deserve.